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When it comes to casual style, many men end up stuck in a fashion rut. It is also too easy to end up wearing the same few tired shirts and faded jeans over and over because they feel safe. That's why we created this site. Here, we help men to branch out from their typical wardrobe to find new ways of dressing that suit them better. Learn how to experiment with and combine colours that you would never have considered to freshen up your casual look. We hope that after you read these posts, you'll feel more confident in trying new clothing styles.


5 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Business Suit for Plus-Sized Men

11 May 2021
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It's true that most suits nowadays are available in both standard and plus sizes — but this doesn't necessarily mean that they will all fit well. If you're struggling to find a business suit to fit your bigger build, here are five tips to keep in mind when shopping. 1. Lightweight suits should be your go-to Most suits designed with 'standard' builds in mind become too heavy when made in larger sizes because of the amount of fabric used. Read More …