5 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Business Suit for Plus-Sized Men

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5 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Business Suit for Plus-Sized Men

11 May 2021
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It's true that most suits nowadays are available in both standard and plus sizes — but this doesn't necessarily mean that they will all fit well. If you're struggling to find a business suit to fit your bigger build, here are five tips to keep in mind when shopping.

1. Lightweight suits should be your go-to

Most suits designed with 'standard' builds in mind become too heavy when made in larger sizes because of the amount of fabric used. While you may find a heavy suit that fits, it's likely to make you feel uncomfortable, hot and constricted throughout the workday. As such, lightweight fabrics such as linen are a good choice. They look smart enough for business wear without bringing needless bulk.

2. Dark and solid colours are best

Once you do find a suit design that fits well, then it's a good idea to stick with dark colours such as navy blue or black. This will help you bring form and shape to your look, accentuating your body in its best light. Solid colours are also ideal for this reason. Patterned suits need to be fitted very precisely; otherwise, they can make your body appear larger or shorter than it really is. 

3. Avoid waistcoats

While waistcoats and vests may look good in photos, they are not always the best choice for plus-sized men looking to shine in business meetings. Waistcoats can add excess bulk to your outfit and are often hard to find fitted correctly in larger sizes. If you really want to add a waistcoat to your look, opt for a lightweight, custom-tailored option. 

4. Avoid double-breasted suits altogether

Double-breasted suits can look rather stiff and bulky on bigger-built men and are often tight and restrictive around the waist, which can make them uncomfortable when worn for long periods of time. On top of that, the double-breasted style adds extra bulk to your clothing, which can make you feel insecure when you need that workday confidence. 

5. A classic cut suit will always work

A classic cut suit will always work, and this is especially true for plus-sized men. Sadly, modern suits are often designed with smaller men in mind, leading them to over-highlight size on larger bodies. A classic cut will generally create a slimmer, more streamlined look. They also feature wider waistlines and chest cuts, as well as bigger armholes for comfort. Plus, this style is easy for a tailor to adjust, giving you even more freedom to get a comfortable fit.